About - Matias Salo


I am a young photographer from Denmark. Photography is my calling and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane someday, as my love for the planet, and especially the ocean, always has been unlimited. As my mom is from Finland, while my dad is a professional diver from Denmark, it explains my natural roots and connection to the nature. 

By miraculously surviving a car accident in 2015, some life perspectives also became clear to me. I realized that it is important to seek moments as often as possible no matter where you are, since you never know when the chance does not exist anymore.

     My goal with photography is to capture unique and diverse moments from my own perspective on life, showing the pure beauty of our planet and the nature shaping it - for good and for worse. I want people to care.

My work has been used by companies, nature resorts and musicians. In addition, I have been teaching photo techniques for beginners, while doing private jobs, short private workshops and selling prints.


E-mail: matiassalo@outlook.com

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